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Olympic Games in Brazil

Every country wishes to host an Olympic Games, but aside from tourists, the event also brings along huge responsibilities. Will the issues on Brazil hosting the games threaten the accomplishment of this awaited event?


Being the first south American country to host the Olympic Games is an honor for Brazil. However, as the games approach, Brazilians can’t stop asking what the legacy of such a large investment of public money in Rio de Janeiro will be. After the questionable results of the World Cup in 2014, the population seems to disregard the sport events hosted in the country.

Brazil has sought for a long time to host such an iconic event and hasn’t given up on the chance to prove its value as a host nation and as a prime destination for international tourism. As it happened with the World Cup, Brazil counts on its population’s well known friendly attitude and its party environment to turn over the visitors’ opinion.

The event was supposed to bring a wave of tourism and to draw attention from international countries to Brazil’s beauty and assets. But several issues that might impact its capacity of hosting the games have come up since the country achieved the right for it:


1. The schedule for the facilities’ construction

According to the Olympic Committee of Brazil, most of the stadiums are complete or in their final stages. However, 200 days before the events’ opening, the velodrome has its construction at only 80%, and the construction of the tennis and equestrian facilities has stopped due to bureaucratic matters.


2. Pollution rates

The Guanabara Bay is going to receive the sailing and windsurfing competitions. Even though the government assured a complete cleanup of the notoriously polluted area, the bay still receives large amounts of untreated sewage (up to 50% of Rio’s sewage ends up in the ocean). Therefore, the health safety of the athletes is being questioned.


3. The economic crisis

When the country was awarded with the opportunity of hosting the Summer Games, Brazilians lived in a booming economy and foresaw a bright 2016. The reality, however is a little bitter, as the country is clearly heading to a recession. Its currency (real) dropped to its lowest in 11 years and that is presently the most alarming drop among major currencies.

While the costs of the event continue to rise, the funds to cover all those expenses are hitting rock bottom. This situation has forced the committee to cut down the budget in every possible way. For instance, the grandstand at the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas - where the rowing competition will take place - was cut from the plans.


4. The epidemics of “Zika” is the only subject to hit the headlines.

The outbreak of Zika started in Brazil and soon spread throughout South America. This concerns not only the athletes participating of the games but governments all around the world. The fear or a Global epidemic, busted by the tourism in Brazil has raised questions about whether the games should take place this year or not. All that panic aside, all the committees are instructing their athletes to take special measures while in Brazil, such as using mosquito repellent spray all the time. Moreover, pregnant women are strongly discouraged to travel to Rio de Janeiro at the moment.


Due to the government’s neglecting attitude, the Brazilian population is again sceptic about the successful conclusion of the games. But we trust our ability to find a way to compensate for the government mistakes, as Brazil promises a spectacular event at the stadiums to anyone who will (dare to) visit the country during the games.


Check below a storyline of Brazilian participation in the games:

As the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) puts it, in a very thorough article, Brazil has proved in the past Olympics Games that it has come a long way and is able to host the event. We have selected for you the most iconic moments of Brazil’s participation in the games:



First time Brazil has a competitor on the Olympics Games. Adolphe Klingelhoeffer competes in three events in Paris.


Federação Brasileira de Sportes Athleticos and the Comite Olimpico do Brasil were founded.


Brazil holds its first national championships.


The first official athletics world record is set in Brazil by Adhemar Ferreira da Silva, at the triple jump category.


Adhemar Ferreira da Silva wins a Olympic gold in Helsinki, Brazil’s first Olympic title in athletics.

He beated then his own triple jump record.


The Pan American Games is held in Brazil for the first, in Sao Paulo.


Brazil wins its first Olympic title in a track event, with Joaquim Cruz’s 800m gold medal.


Fabiana Murer wins Brazil’s first gold medal at the IAAF World Championships.


Rio hosts the first Olympic Games to be held in South America.

So, if you are a sport enthusiast (or just love watching the opening ceremony) don’t miss this beautiful event that brings nations together from all around the globe. And don’t miss the chance to discuss your opinion about the games with your teacher at Engoo. it is definitely a hot subject!



Wishes (to wish) : desejar.

Host (to host) : ato de ser o anfitrião, receber um convidado.

Issues : problemas, dificuldades.

Threaten (to threaten) : ameaçar, colocar em risco.

However : porém.

Legacy : legado.

Has seeked (to seek) : tem buscado. Buscar, procurar, almejar.

Was supposed to (to be supposed to) : deveria.

Draw attention to : chamar atenção para algo.

Achieved (to achieve) : alcançou. Obter, conseguir.

Facilities : estruturas, espaços.

Due to : em função de, por causa do/da, equivalente à 'because of'.

Notorious : famoso por um motivo negativo.

Foresaw (to foresee) : prever.

Hitting rock bottom : expressão típica para indicar um estado muito negativo, similar à "chegar ao fundo do poço".

Budget : orçamento.

For instance : por exemplo.

Headlines : manchetes de jornal.

Spread (to spread) : espalhar.

Concerns (to concern) : preocupar.

Fear : medo.



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