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I have a Bachelor of Arts in English and History, and I am a qualified counselor with several years of experience in providing student support in universities and international colleges. I grew up in the United Kingdom and lived in Hawaii for several years before settling in Chile, South America. I have great experience in leading classes and lectures, from large groups to one-to-one lessons. In my opinion, the best way to learn English is by being around the language as much as possible, practicing your speaking and feeling comfortable to make mistakes. Making mistakes is how we learn! I have worked for many years with people who have English as a second (or even third) language, so for me, it is normal to speak with people who are learning and making mistakes. I always try to speak clearly and slowly, use proper pronunciation and explain any new words. I am learning Spanish myself, so I know that it can be difficult and frustrating when trying to express yourself in a new language! I think the qualities that make me a good teacher are my patient and caring personality, my genuine interest in the English language, and my ability to listen and engage learners in the topic that is being studied. One of the reasons I enjoy teaching English so much is because I love meeting people from different countries and cultures, and finding out how their culture influences the way they think. We all have so much to offer each other, and learning a language gives us extra insight, the ability to learn from others and share our own knowledge. I am looking forward to speaking with you further and helping you with your English learning journey!

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EscolaKeele University
HobbyReading, traveling, swimming and snorkeling, playing guitar
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