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I have a Bachelor's Degree in Zoology and Environmental Biology, a Post-graduate Diploma in Mass Communications, a TEFL certification from ITTI (International TEFL Training Institute) and certifications in Editing, Proofreading and Digital Marketing. I am also a professionally-trained makeup artist and photographer. I have a wide scope of experience, from being in management, to the beauty industry, to running my own business. I started teaching ESL/EFL in 2015 and it has been such an amazing experience. I decided to pursue a career as a full-time tutor because I realized how important it is to also help people who are learning English as their second language, to overcome the same challenges I had with learning it. I've also got a very neutral English accent, that is easy to understand. As a matter of fact, my friends think that I should take up a broadcasting job as soon as possible, so I can make good use of my voice. I am absolutely fascinated with all Asian countries! I think that the culture is amazing and I can't wait to visit! It would be great to tell stories with photography on different belief systems and festivals, beautiful architecture and, of course, amazing food. In my leisure time I watch YouTube food video channels, and read crime and detective novels.

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EscolaUniversity of Lagos
HobbyWatching YouTube food channel videos, reading detective novels.
Filmes FavoritosComing to America