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My name is Milos and I come from Serbia, Europe. I am a graduated (diploma) Teacher of English Language and Literature. I came in contact with English language very early in my life and that was achieved through video games, movies and cartoons (all in English). My major was in English literature but I also took additional subjects in teaching (English Methodology, Applied Linguistics etc). When it comes to my work as a teacher, I am fair and always looking to improve myself (improve on my English language skills) and to learn new stuff and acquire new skills. I am open minded, down to earth and honest and always willing to meet new people, especially people from other countries and cultural backgrounds. My only real working experience, as an English language teacher, was in China, where I taught English at primary school in the city of Tianjin (3 months duration).

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    EscolaUniversity of Novi Sad
    Hobbyreading books, listening to music, meeting new people, playing video games, driving a car,
    Filmes FavoritosStar Wars (original trilogy); Predator movies; Alien movies; The Lord of the Rings trilogy