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Daniel L

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My passion for animals, nature, and science led me to study Veterinary Medicine. I have experience working primarily with dogs and cats, although I enjoy working with all species. I enjoy long walks out in nature, traveling to new destinations and seeing different cultures. One of my preferred hobbies in the city is attending the movie theater, especially to watch independent films. My favorite movie is Pan’s Labyrinth although I tend to watch more action movies, particularly if they involve spy thrillers. When I have extra time I play video games, FIFA being one of my favorites of all time. Sharing knowledge and motivating others is an amazing feeling! And this is mainly why I became an English tutor. Being a fluent Spanish speaker has allowed me to be an even more effective and understanding English tutor. I believe being patient and encouraging creates a good atmosphere in any setting, and this is always a positive thing. I had the amazing opportunity of living for almost my entire life in the city of Chicago where I went to school and college. This experience exposed me to different cultures and languages and opened my mind to new ways of thinking and seeing life.

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EscolaCES University
HobbyHiking, video games, movies and music
Filmes FavoritosPan's Labyrinth