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Hey there! I'm from Montreal, Canada and I have a passion for the English language. I enjoy traveling the world, and as of today, I have been to 29 wonderful countries to explore distinct cultures, traditions, and foods. As a result of my globetrotting, I am currently living abroad in Sucre, Bolivia where I dedicate a significant amount of my time volunteering. Also, something important to know about me is that I absolutely love to cook and try new dishes. So it's more than likely that we'll talk about food in class! I have been teaching English to satisfied students for the past four years at institutes, private homes, and online. My English classes reflect my personality and they are enthusiastic, educational, and engaging. Why pick me as your next English tutor? I am 100% positive that we will enjoy our English lessons together and that you will be fluent in no time!

star 4.91
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    thanks for being patient with my broken english. your help was very important. I see you next time ??

EscolaOxford Seminars
HobbyTravelling, Skiing, Reading, and Writing
Filmes FavoritosAnnie Hall, 500 Days of Summer, Boyhood